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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Imperial Fist Tactical Squads Augustus and Marino

Right well I took some pictures of what is basically the finished product of my two Tactical Squads, all they need is a little bit of touching up in a few places as you might see. If you think the Lascannon guys look pretty bad you should've seen them when I bought them off eBay haha. I've decided I'm going to start naming my squads and tanks and such.

Squad Augustus

Squad Marino

Sergeant Corin (left) and Sergeant Tarquin

So I hope you like them, try to look past the bits I need to touch up and imagine them touched up haha.

The names for the squads and sergeant's are Roman names I picked up off the interwebs because I'm pretty sure that's what the Imperial Fists are based on (correct me if I'm wrong).

I'll leave you with this new trailer for the upcoming Space Marine video game. Enjoy!


  1. are you sure it was tarquind and not tarquin ... ?

  2. You may well be right, I might have misread. I shall amend the mistake.

  3. They are going to look great when you put them on the table :) A good crisp yellow is always the best start for Imperial Fists after all.

    I'm always amazed at people buying armies of eBay and repainting them. I never ever find any good deals on ebay for some reason! I have even thought of the idea of buying some half-hearted effort army off ebay (you know the ones half in black thick primer, half in plastic), strip the paint and give it a basic paint job so I can sell it again:)

    According to (possibly old) fluff the Imperial Fists are based on old German Junkers. But their naming is pretty much all over the place so old Roman names works fine too:) Otherwise it's the Ultramarines that is the closest to Roman Legions and such.

  4. Well see I bought a Devastator Squad for like 7 pounds which consisted of really badly painted missile launcher and lascannon dudes, stripped the paint as best I could and re did them, the thing is the paint was so thick! That's the only probably you will find sometimes. But I whole heartedly recommend it if you get the chance.




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