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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Ultramarines Movie thoughts

I've watched this movie twice now and I know that its a really old subject now, but I'm wondering what your thoughts were on the movie?

You see I've read some fluff and look into things and while watching this I couldn't help but see flaws in the movie.

First off, the Space Marines themselves, when I think of 8 foot tall half machine men I'd think that they would be lumbering around quite a bit and not so light on there feet as the movie portrays.

Secondly the script writing, I'm not going to elaborate on that if you've watched it you know what I'm talking about.

Thirdly the general over the topness (silly phrase I know) of when they were taking out what seemed like hundreds of khorne berserkers.

Fourthly the Daemon, why would a flipping Daemon be hiding in the shadows, it's a damn Daemon for goodness sakes! It could eat them alive.

Fifthly the captain being possessed by a Daemon, nice idea but I'm pretty sure (correct me if I'm wrong) that daemons couldn't possess someone not given over to Chaos, so unless all of a sudden he was like 'sod Mcragge I'm Chaos now' (sounded dumb I know) it doesnt make sense.

I think if GW want to put there money into multimedia productions at least have the decency to use proper fluff and try to stick to it as much as possible. I mean if people that don't play the game or know anything about it were to watch it, it gives them a mixed idea.

Now carrying on from GW multimedia, here is a movie I think they should have put there money into.

This movie is great in my opinion, if you have a chance to watch it, do it! They had a low budget as it's fan made, but that's what makes the difference between something that keeps up on fluff and something that doesn't. The fact they knew what they were talking about, the film was never officially released due to GW being dicks about it but if you torrent there is a torrent lurking around with subtitles if you want to check it out.
I would recommend it, and if you do tell me what you think whenever you get around to it. Maybe you'll see with the right backing it could've have been awesome. I'm still seeding it if your interested.

I  thought it was fitting to bring up GW multimedia with the release of the new Space Marine game around the corner which I'm interested to see how it turns out.

Let me know what you think on the subject?


  1. a movie of warhammer!
    dont know if it will work though.

  2. Damnatus was stopped by GW due to German copyright law - in Germany copyright is untransferrable save through inheritance, so if they didn't can it GW would lose all the copyrights used in the film due to not being seen to protect them (ie 40k would become public domain in Germany!).

    I enjoyed Ultramarines and while it wasn't great, for an independantly funded project (Codex Pictures paid GW to use thier IP) with a smaller budget than the DOW opening cinematic it was pretty good.

    That said I can see why GW are hesitant to go too far into movies as they are very expensive and actually conveying 40k in a non-R rated way would either require some of the more fringe stories like Ciaphas Cain or =I=, or need serious toning down.
    Also given how little control IP holders often have over movies I understand not wanting to go the hollywood route. A good comparrison Terry Pratchett's experiences - they loved one of his stories (Mort), just get rid of the whole Death thing...

  3. I watched the WarHammer animation movie it i did'nt like it much :/ i want to make one Epic Movie for this perticular game !




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