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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Where are they now? Your old miniatures....

Old models, you know the ones, the ones you stuck away and completly forgot about.
Well I was looking through some ol stuff, I found a bunch of ol White Dwarfs from as far back '97,
an Assassin Codex, an Armaggedon Codex and a few other bits an pieces that I'm going to share with you.

These are some of my very first to very last before I quit an restarted.

You may laugh but one was from when I was 9-10  haha.

There's also a couple of things I found I must've picked up from bits bags from years ago.


This was my First mini, it looks like I tried doing blood but ended up doing battle damge haha

A Gorkamorka Ork

Gorkamorka Trukk
One of the last thing I painted before quiting

                                                        And now some random bitz bag stuff.


I'm guessing and old Obliterator?

Random White Dwarf Mordheim Mini

And I found a few of these, shame that there in bad condition =/

Well I hope you enjoyed a good look at some of my old stuff, if you want I can post more of my Gorkamorka
stuff as I've found a bunch of that.

I urge all of you bloggers and general visitors to pull your old stuff out and have a good look and smile
at your innocence back then.

Oh and one more thing, why is it that quite a few of my old models, an quite a few other peoples,
have solely green bases? haha. And why did adding blood to things seem a good idea? haha.

caption:look at that green base haha.


  1. My old Blood bowl models (22 years) are stored with my new ones as are my old epic stuff. No old 40K since I did not play it back then.

  2. that's nice, I haven't played with these yet, so I wouldn't know how to distinguish old from new anyway :p

  3. Beautiful handcraft. Personally, I wouldn't have space to keep all these figurines : )

  4. Yes that's a necromunda model. It's an Escher ganger.

  5. the random one is anuier? aka one of the best painting models.. of all time! (go away kanye!)

  6. I've got a series about this stuff - please, everyone, share and join in!

  7. It is indeed a Necromunda figure - she's an Escher ganger. Lovely figure, I have one in my gang/horde :)

    The Mordheim elf is Aenur, Sword of Twilight. He's one of the named Dramatis Personae in the Mordheim main rulebook - basically a special character you can hire for a limited amount of time.

    The Gorkamorka Ork brings back some memories - a box of those were the first wargames set I bought!

    What are your plans for them?

  8. I thought I might try my hand at Necromunda at some point.
    The Gorkamorka stuff, I still have the rulebook so might try an see if anyone wants to play at some point.

  9. Cool read it's always interesting what people forget they own in their collections.

  10. I remember them, plus I have a bag of some more you left somewhere.




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