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Friday, 22 July 2011

Need some advice...How to paint my Relic Blade??

As title says.....

I've one a quick job done on him so far, he's by no means finished. Just getting the core colours down. So ignore that it looks crap haha.


So whats your opinion? Do I go regular sword, lightning sword or anything you've seen.

Also what colour?

Just wanted your opinion on this guys.



  1. You should go ahead and paint a glow effect on it, especially because it's a relic blade. I'm currently doing that as well.

  2. I've always been a fan of obsidian and crystal sword schemes. It's a bit different, and still looks like a ritually old weapon.

  3. Dude, back in the real world so I can comment again now.

    1. Rhino looks great

    2. Best of luck for the conversion comp

    3. Relic Blade, I have always loved the look of the grey knights weapons as painted by GW, maybe give that sort of 'shimmer' effect a go. Something like this:

    4. Keep up the great work.

  4. I have seen some tutorials on coolmini site if you want to check them out.

  5. Blue glow effect. Or if you're feeling confident go for the grey knight power sword effect gw does. Here is a good tutorial on it that I found ages ago.

    There are two more different tutorials on power swords on the same site in the june section of this year

  6. Try to do the color of the blade purple, because yellow and purple are complementary colors. And it will look as awesome as all those blue style power (or force) weapons :D




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