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Saturday, 20 August 2011

New Slot:Saturday Post Showcase! And Thank You.

So I'd like to begin by explaining what you should expect from this.

Well I shall pick out a blog post from each day of the week until Saturday and feature it on my blog for you to look at.

In keeping it fair I will not feature the same blog twice in at least 6 weeks and I shall either be picking at random or selecting I'm not sure yet. More than likely pick just because I don't want to point out a pointless post about nothing haha.

But today's segment will not be centred around that, that will start next Saturday I am merely using this as a starting point.

No this post is just a big thanks to the four blogs (that I know of) that have taken the time to post my banner on there blogs.

Dave over at Gone to Ground who a couple of posts ago showed off this great mini.

I hope you don't mind me showing this let me know if you do.

Then there is WargamersHub who I last saw were going to be doing Space Sharks or Carcharodons.

Looking forward to that guys!

They are also a accessory and painting service I might add.

Next up Griffit's Corner great blog worth checking out

Here is a link to his Flickr 

Next up The Fallen Princes who runs the rather brilliant Badab Veterans project. 

Next up Adeptus Malaysia great blog also worth checking out.

He's currently working on some Death Korps figures that are pretty damn cool.

Lastly Miniature Wargaming Conversions who if you are not following just wow.

But I would like to add they are running conversion contests each month!

If you don't follow you have just missed out on the last contest but there will another one up soon so check them out!  

So if you would take the time to check them out and maybe follow them that would be cool!

I've also put up a forum you can check out if you wish that I'm still playing around with but I will go into more detail tomorrow. 

Thanks !

Warflake out

[End Transmission] 


  1. Sorry I have remedied that haha.

  2. Many thanks for the shout out! :)

  3. LOL and The Fallen Princes (aka Badab Vaterans)
    I do love the Death Korps of Krieg and would love to own an army of them one day (properly the day I win more than £10 on the lottery).

  4. Also remedied haha.
    Sorry mate.
    We would all like to win more than a tenner on the lottery haha.




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