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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Thoughts On The New Necrons

So the new necron units hit the internet yesterday and frankly people went absolutely crazy haha.

I can understand why and if you haven't seen them I have the pictures here

So my initial thoughts were 'Amazing! New Necrons! Yeah!' but then I tried to stay level headed and went through the pictures properly.

The First thing I noticed were the fact that none of them had the florescent green tubes, which in my plans to replace them with a different colour isn't to much of a bad thing for me.

I then noticed the obvious influence from Star Wars with there transport.

One thing I have noticed is people complaining about them being to much like Tomb Kings, to me this isn't a problem as I noticed the obvious throw back to them from before and didn't mind that then and don't mind it now. I was going to go further into the influence of Egyptians with the colour scheme with golds, bronze and blues and such.

Generally I would say the only thing I didn't care much for are the snipers.

I personally just don't understand the idea of this unit but I can get over that with the others.

I think they have made the units alot more interesting looking and alot less minimalist which you either love or hate but I personally like the new design.

I think what I'm really looking forward to now is the Codex to see how all this stuff ways up in stats.

Though I am tempted to pre-order with Total Wargamer (See top/turn ad-blocker off) having up to 22% off.

That is extremely tempting now that I know what they look like.

If you haven't already seen the units please go here check them out and let me know in the comments section if you like/hate them, what you like/hate about them and whether you will be purchasing them.

I think I'm fairly settled I'm getting them but I think like most people I want to see how there codex weighs up.

I think they have GW have once again come up with some amazing kits that are, as usual, unrivalled. This is why we continue to throw money at them haha.


Warflake Out

++End Transmission++

1 comment:

  1. I have a mixed reaction as well. Glad to see that they came out, but not real excited about the models. Space Tomb Kings to me. What was the purpose of their metal loin cloths? I won't be a buyer, but will be interesting to see how the rules will be and if they affect the popularity of the Grey Knights.




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