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Monday, 7 November 2011

Possibly A Pointless Rant...

So amongst all the excitement about the new Necron Codex and people posting there lists and thoughts etc there has been a fair bit of complaining also dotting around. This has been directed at that the Codex is poor compared to Grey Knights and Space Wolves etc. I fail to see it personally, sure the Codex isn't as overpowered as the the two mentioned but why is that a problem? I think this is a very well balanced and well rounded codex with only a few units that I personally wouldn't use but not because they are bad but because I don't personally like them.

Personally I don't think there is a unit in the Codex that is 'bad'.

This is up for debate really, especially considering Flayed Ones and the bad rap they get.

There are things in there that can take out troops and there are things that can take out vehicles on a regular basis. I don't think the Codex has anything lacking whatsoever. I think what the main problem maybe is because Matthew Ward has written it you expected an overpowered Codex. I think in some units, I'm looking at you Scarabs and Spyders, you have it. But I don't think even they are overpowered to be honest I think most things in it are well costed.

If I would complain about anything in the Codex it would be the silly names that been given to things but that is what is to be expected from Matthew Ward to be honest. Another 'complaint' that could possibly be had is that the fluff has been completely rewritten from mindless killers to there hierarchy having some form of intelligence. The Warriors are still the same, they are still mindless, the Flayed Ones are the same, the Destroyers are the same etc. I don't see how you can complain about the hierarchy having more character giving the army more identity. But if that is what you liked about the old Codex that is fair enough and I can't dispute that.

I think this was a step in a great direction for Xenos races and that I see only good things coming from this release. This may also be a good Codex for 6th Edition being that I have not read alot of rumours on 6th, if at all, I cannot judge on that.

Maybe I'm just seeing trolls and people getting worked up just because Matt Ward has written it needed to be ridiculed which wouldn't surprise me even the slightest.

One more thing before I finish I also don't think that there is only one build, I think there is enough variety in this Codex for a fair few.

This may well have been a pointless rant and it's possible there isn't anyone with this mindset and I have just read trolling but please do tell me your views on the Codex in the comments as I am very interested.          


Warflake Out


  1. The internet community is small in size when compared to the rest of the 40k player base and they tend to make up for it by being load. Within there is small group of individuals who only want to win and will only be happy if a codex can be broken. Keep an eye out on The Chaos Manifesto as my Sunday Best (themed top x) will be show cases Necron related posts that have a positive outlook on the codex.

  2. I personally like the codex a lot. Biggest complain I have is the lack of models (mainly the Stalker and Night Scythe) but everything else is fine.

  3. Ah thanks for clearing that up for me. I think I may just work myself up a little being that since I started this blog I've gotten deeper into the community and only just seeing the amount of complaining that is floating around that to me seems juvenile. I have much to learn I feel haha. So what if it's not a point and click Codex? So what if it's not completely broken? I don't understand myself and probably never will. Sure I like competitive play but the things people complain about are pretty silly, they basically want a win on plate. I shall indeed look out for Sunday Best as I regularly do and thanks for commenting.

  4. That would be my biggest complaint but considering what we got in the first wave I don't think that can be complained about much. I look forward to the next wave with alot of excitement. The Scythes look really cool and I think alot of people will be using them.

  5. Yep, I want to use 3 Night Scythes as well.
    Command and Anihillation barges are pretty good so I am glad there are models for them.
    Don't like Ghost Arks or Doomsday Arks playing wise so I won't bother with them.
    But am I the only person that thinks the new Necron codex is very powerful?

  6. Yeah I can see why you'd want 3 to be honest, they sound awesome. Command Barge I think looks brilliant and makes the Overlord super scary and Annihilation Barge is super cheap for what it does.
    Ghost and Doomsday Arks are a tough one for me, I think they are fairly expensive points wise to be honest which makes me not want to play them.
    According to the internet you are a rare find to think the Codex is powerful. The most I've seen is that it's power is comparable to Dark Eldar which I don't think can be complained about.

  7. What I like about the new codex is that you don't care if you go second because of solar pulses. Actually going second could be the better option for objective based missions.
    I am thinking of a list with 8 AV13 and 3 AV11 vehicles. Annihilation Barges are ideal for killing vehicles with low AV and also doubling up as infantry killers as well. Tesla is the new old rending!!!

  8. I think that sounds nasty. The fact that you can get two Annihilation Barges for 180 points then could also fit in 3 Spyders at 150 to fill out your Heavy Support is a testament to how good this Codex really is.




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