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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Some Of The Sites Updates

So I've been playing around once again today so I thought I would run down on some of the new updates.

The page tabs still need to be sorted but they will be soon, they still work nonetheless.

So starting from the top, there is a new page, Write For Us which I shall let speak for itself really.

Also the updated Join The Blog Network also let speak for itself.

All the icons along the top bar are sharing agents so be sure to share if you wish.

The search bar along the top is a Custom Search Bar for both this blog and my Necron Blog.

Top of the sidebar is as follows, new Google Friend Connect button without the followers box, next RSS subscription, next +1 for google search result help, next follow my blog twitter and lastly add my blog facebook.

The button is just a preview of one of the two options off of Join The Blog Network.

Search The Network search bar is to search through all of the blogs in the lists with any keywords.

Apart from some repositioning that's about it for now. If anyone has any advice for what can be added please comment. I will say it is still very WIP at the moment so it should only get better.


Warflake Out

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