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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Which Necron Dynasty Colour Scheme?

Being that so many of you seem to have picked up the Codex I was just wondering how your going about painting your new army?

I know some of you will just have picked them up purely because they are fairly easy to paint with there classic boltgun metal, mithril silver and wash of devlan mud or similar to that. But seen as the new Codex offers us a bit more character to be given, that's not to say people didn't before as I have seen some great painted Necrons, I was wondering which Dynasty from the new Codex your going for? I myself am really undecided, yet have a few ideas, mainly something similar to the Thokt Dynasty but with a red/orange Gauss/Tesla/Blade colour which may result in creating my own Dynasty. Though I do like the sound of a couple of the Dynasties described in the book.

I just think that more than before have you had of a reason to stray from the standard colour scheme. This is one of the things that attracted me to them when I looked into them a few years back and saw some of the alternative colour schemes people have come up with that really made them look great.

I'm sure that alot of you will probably be going the standard way and I don't blame you, especially if paintings not your thing that's completely fair. I'm just wondering of those that are looking at creating or going with some of the alternatives as I'm really interested. If you are making up your own I'm even more interested to hear what your going with.

Anyone also that would like to assist me in picking a colour scheme please leave suggestions. I will say though I like the idea of a black/dark blue main colour or a bronze/copper main colour with any variant of colour to change up the guns/blades and also the colour of the shoulder pads,helmet strip, helmet etc for other units.

Please inspire me! =D


Warflake Out.                


  1. I think if you do the armor parts a dark blue with a nice lighter blue line highlight and then bronze or copper for the body would look really good.

    You could also do a dark blue base and then stiple on 2 or 3 different hues of blue to get a really cool effect on the armor.

    Orange guass looks really good. That's what my buddy did, but he added spots of yellow wash to it to break it up and make it look like plasma (think lava lamp-ish) on the rod.

    I personally am painting my necrons with a rusty/patina/verdigris effect all over and then the classic glowing green for the weapons. My test models are looking great so I'm excited.

    Hope this helps. Good luck and don't forget to post pics of your progress.

  2. PINK!!!

    Pick a colour that is visually appealing to otherwise you are just going to increase the chances of you not enjoying your own paint scheme for them.

    PS - Digging the new look of the blog

  3. Yeah I was thinking baby pink shoulder guards etc with a purple main. Thanks for confirming that for me ;p

    Thanks, it's coming along nicely I think.

  4. Thanks, for some reason I didn't think of doing the bronze and dark blue idea together haha.

    The orange/yellow lava look Gauss looks really cool and I'm more than likely going to do that. Thanks for that.

    I shall indeed post pictures and I look forward to seeing yours also.

  5. I'm torn. I like the Nihil...thak... no, he's the dude from Diablo II... the sort of turquoise-and-bronze one. That's a damn good look. I like the background attached to a different dynasty though, and their colourscheme is a lot more boring. *sigh* What's a Von to do?

  6. I found that myself, I liked the fluff of a couple of the Dynasties but when it came to there colour schemes...meh. I think I'm settled on the Thokt Dynasty personally. Wish I knew a bit of fluff about them but may just make my own up instead. I was looking at the turquoise and bronze one two and was pretty set on it but then I looked at the Thokt more and more. Either way they have given you the idea of more freedom which is great.

  7. Personally, I'm gunna paint mine like Skeletor from He-Man, because I have wanted to ever since I first saw the 'crons when I first started playing back in 2000.




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