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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Autocannon Dreadnought #1 FInished...

So my first Autocannon Dreadnought is complete using the arms from

Before you say I do realise how bent the barrels are but I shall sort them out as soon as I can. Being that there resin that shouldn't be to hard.

Overall I really like the design and it was nice and easy to paint.

Looks pretty badass to.


Warflake Out


  1. Keep up the good work.

  2. That's alright that is dude. Did you use the foundation yellow? If so sepia wash looks awesome over it.

    I think metallic on the leg parts would add more colour, really it is only the armour plates which are yellow.

    On the chipped paint, I found a good way to do this is go around the edges with black and then use your choice of metal colour over the black leaving a gap - the black helps the metal stand out. If you check and my army profiles you should see examples of this on my Blood Angels and Imperial Guard army.

    Some decals on that would really finish it off as well :)

  3. I didn't use foundation yellow, I used a few varieties of vallejo paints for it instead, I have toned it down a bit with sepia, as much I wanted anyways. I think that's down to preference really.

    The metallic parts I get what you mean and thanks for that.

    The chipping shall be re-done when I'm not being lazy with it. What I did so far just gave me an idea.

    Decals I've always had problems with so I may get things I can stick on instead to be honest.

    Thanks for putting the effort in with the comment mate.

  4. Tip for decals mate. When you put them on have a brush handy, this will smooth it out. Then so it doesn't get damaged put ard coat varnish. Then wash the varnish, this will take off the shine.
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