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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Light Box Tester:Assault Terminators

So I got my new light box in the mail Friday so I thought I would take some photos of the progress I've made on my Assault Terminators as a mess around to see how they look.

Obviously I'll have to see which backgrounds are best and sort better camera shots etc etc but I think they turned out ok.

It really shows where needs neatening up to me which I like, and it also shows a little more detail etc that I couldn't get before. It was a well worth investment.

I will say that please ignore the bases, I am awaiting some resin ones coming soon.

I shall be having fun with taking more photos of some of the things I've worked on since I last posted pictures.


Warflake Out


  1. Looking good, light boxes are great! couple of blurry ones so heres a tip, use the 3 second delay if your camera has one, it reduces the blur you get from just pressing the button!

  2. Thanks mate I'll give that a try.




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