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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Whats On Your Xmas List....

So with Xmas only a few days away I thought I'd ask what you were looking forward to getting?

Maybe it's an opportunity to start that Necron Army?

Maybe it's a chance to get some resin crack from Forge World?

Let me know what you've asked for and what your hoping for.

On another note what's your opinion on this years GW xmas release? The army sets looked pretty nice to be honest. The Space Marine boxset actually looked pretty good. And how about the Eavy Metal Brush Set and the Mega Paint Set?

For me it's a chance to get a start on my Necrons with only Warriors at this moment in time....

Also possibly add to my Space Marines....

We shall see....

I have a few pictures to take but the misses has taken the camera to her parents for Xmas unfortunately.

Thanks for reading.....

Warflake Out.


  1. Got the girlfriend a broodlord me i want a daemon prince and a contemptor dreadnought (resin crack gotta have it !)

  2. This is one year where I actually don't feel like I needed anything for gaming under the tree. I've got my Zuzzy mat, my Retribution and Menoth forces are complete, Firestorm Armada dreadnoughts sold out almost everywhere, and loads of various terrain.

    It's almost disappointing that I don't really have anything on my 'to buy' gaming radar until march of next year.

  3. That sounds strange to me.....haha




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