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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Crimson Fist Autocannon Dreadnought #1

So as I said before I'm trying my best to get these done quickly so mainly I'm batch painting everything which means things are getting finished alot slower but quicker if that makes sense....

Anyway I got this Dreadnought to an acceptable standard tonight and thought I'd show you. In need of a couple of washes and also neatening the highlights but other than that he's done and I'm working on my next one as I'm writing this. I'm also batch painting two Razorbacks and Rhinos also so expect pictures of those also. I also have a Tactical Squad pretty much done and a Sternguard Squad just missing a Power Fist so coming along nicely.

Before I show the pictures though I'd like to remind everyone of the giveaway that I'm holding please if you haven't already entered do so, want to have as many people enter as possible.


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  1. Looks good so far, I think he will look really great once you have done the weathering on the guns etc

  2. Agreed, solid paint job and the finishing touches will really pull it together.

  3. Solid looking model. Dreadnoughts are my favorite models in all of 40k and this one looks proper.




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