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Friday, 27 May 2011

All Muddied Up Space Marine Tanks and Dread

Well I mention in a previous post that I wanted to try out a mud affect on my Vindicator, well I did and ended up doing it on my WIP Rhino and Dreadnought aswel. So you get updates on all three right now.
I got this idea from Catattafish's Youtube, he has great tutorials and just generally amazing stuff.

You may notice that I've also dirted this up in general, I like it, let me know what you think.

Well there you go I hope you like it. Nice and picture heavy for you =]
It's ashame I couldn't get the colour in there, it's a really nice earthy brown I mixed together. 
So let me know what you think. Hopefully tonight I finish off my two tac squads for you guys.


  1. Not one comment? Ah well I guess I'll take that as a sign your to busy admiring haha.

  2. Definitely admiring.
    Nice work - I like the 'depreciated' style.
    Shame the exact colour didn't come out - but that's photos for ya.




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