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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Forge World

The Subject today is Forge World (sorry that there's no new models busy night last night). What I wanted to talk about is what you think of Forge World and there products? With GW now switching to resin themselves do you like the detail that can be achieved with resin?
MkIV Venerable Dreadnought
MkIV Maximus Armour

Personally, when I look through there website at all the pre heresy/heresy Space Marine stuff I could pick up from them I water at the mouth.

 Also, what do you think of there prices? I think there fairly reasonable personally. There stuff looks awesome.

Would you ever buy one of there rather expensive items? Example down below. The Thunderhawk.


That's 400 pounds. Or maybe one o there awesome titans? The one pictured below is 240 pounds. My answer would be sure! If I had the income to support it I really would. Because they look awesome.

And what about stuff that's specifically Forge World like the Red Scorpions, what do you think of them? I really like them but it sucks that you have to buy the Imperial Armour book to get the rules.

   So a few questions for you today, I'm really interested on your thoughts. But before I finish two more questions, if you had 400 pounds to spend what would you buy? And what is your favourite mini that they make.

Right well thanks for reading guys and I'll post again tomorrow.

MkV Assault Marines



  1. I think Forge World is becoming more and more feasible thanks to the normal GW line going up in price and Forge World holding steady on price. Their products are significantly different though in that Forge World carters to monstrous creatures, titans, super heavies, and conversion kits.

    If I had 400 pounds I would only spend a fraction of that on the Renegade IG kits. Nothing else really pulls me in as I do not play Apocalypse or use alternative rule sets. If I was to start a Tau army though I would buy all my Crisis Suits from FW as they are $0.25 cheaper.

  2. I know exactly what you mean, the only thing I'd buy from them is anything heresy/pre heresy because I love the look, I probably wouldn't even play them. They'd be a show piece =]

  3. I would buy from them, if they had free shipping like GW in the US has. They have tons of cool stuff, but I would want to buy little things now and then, and with the extra "fee" because of shipping, nope.

    If I had the money I'd get a titan of some sort and a nightwing. But the new DE razorwing flyer looks awfully cool:)

  4. I think you just get sucked in by how good everything looks, like throw money at the pretty things haha.

  5. The quality of FW models is hit or miss. They sadly don't replace their molds as often as they should. If they're relatively new models or unpopular models then you're likely to get a decently cast model. However, if you order a really popular item where the mold has been used thousands of times... You're likely to get a lump of resin crap delivered to you. FW is buy at your own risk because they do not have, or do, or care about quality control. This is also one of the reasons the FW booth is swamped at Games Day... You can check the item yourself before committing to the purchase.

    I've made one FW purchase, the bulk of my order was completely unusable and went into the trash bin. Granted FW was exceptional at getting me decent replacements.

  6. I am about to buy some of the FW models that I mentioned above for a special operation killzone team.

  7. I really like the new Jump troops. I want the heresy armor ones. I think with how much GW is going up I may end up adding some Forgeworld stuff soon.

    I can't help but to think that may be GW's plan

  8. Man as much as I love the detail and model ranges they produce at Forgeworld in resin, I hate working with the stuff.

    I am a bit of a Forgeworld fanboy though as you know and I have a World Eaters army that has a heavy use of their upgrade parts and my Red Scorpions are the same.

    I justify to myself having FW armies is not overly bad because the Aussie RRP is so high, but in reality, I could have had 3x as much by now if I had have just bought the regular plastic.

    The detail is nice though and the marine armour sets really tickle my fancy. I'm actually going to get some of the MkII assault marines to use as Chaos Raptors when combined with a FW World Eaters conversion kit as we need to have Fast Attack options ready for the next campaign.




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