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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Captain Lysander of the Imperial Fists WIP

Well here he is one of the oldest living Space Marines. Sure there is much talk of whether he is legitimately still loyal to the Emperor due to the fact he was in the warp for such a long time and was imprisoned by Iron Warriors and managed to 'escape' but thats what I love about him.
He's still a WIP really because there's a few things that to be done here and there.  And also a question I wanted to ask you guys is, I've been having real trouble keeping paint on him as he is a metal model, do you have any tips on keeping paint on metal models?

                                    Lysander with the Fist of Dorn!
Another thing I wanted to put to you guys is how you do your special   character bases?

Well there he is. My post tomorrow will be (hopefully) his retinue. I got a long night ahead of me haha.

As I've said before give me tips and criticism would be much appreciated!

Also this guy has just started a 40k blog up, anyone reading this could you give him the same welcome you've given me (here).

Thanks for looking!


  1. I sprayed mine with matte varnish (GW's Purity Seal) which helps. But I have no advice for stopping the paint from rubbing off other than to handle it with care.

    I for one will get a finecast Lysander (and Kantor possibly, got an unpainted metal one now...) as I hate playing with metal :)

  2. Thanks mate, I might get some to hit it with.

    I think if I can I might sell this one and get a finecast.

  3. This is the best thing about blogging, I linked you on my blog, you linked Rogers Blog. It's a domino effect that continues and continued!!

    Nice Lysander BTW, I bet you that this would look much better on a fincast mini! I hate metal, it gives models are bad look that really isn't deserved...

    Congrats on the 17 followers, your already have more than half of the amount of my followers on you 5th post!!

    One more thing, the advert on bottom of your site is a virus, just thought I'd tell you.




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