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Monday, 23 May 2011

Space Marine Vindicator and your thoughts on battle damage?

Right well here is my next project that I've been working on, The subject I wanted to put to you guys is whether you like battle damage? I really like it personally, I like the look its been through a war, This is my example of this.

I tried to use natural light for this post. I hope you like them. I know it's not completely finished, it's still a WIP but I wanted to get your views on what I've done so far. Also I recently found a pretty easy tutorial on muddying up tanks with just glue, sand and paint. So look forward to seeing a WIP of that in the near future.

On a sidenote, I promised this guy I would give him a shout out as his doing a competition. If you like free stuff why not head over to here

Thank you for all your support so far guys!


  1. Nice work. Maybe on some of the battle damage, there is a little too much black showing. Its really hard to get the right balance though. I think a dry-brush or wash would really help the yellow though, not sure exactly what, as i'm not exactly an experienced painter myself :)

  2. Thanks man, yeah I'm trying to get the right amount down on the black to silver. On the wash side that's my next thing on the list to finish it off.

  3. Hello there! Battle damage looks good, but perhaps you should shade the yellow a bit to make the model look less artificial and more battleworn. A thin layer of Gryphonne Sepia wash could do the job nicely.

  4. Thanks, yeah I will definitely give it a good Sepia wash. Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. Hey Warflake, Ergotoxin's suggestion is a good way to go, just add the sepia in the recesses and you'll be amazed, looking forward to seeing his retinue :)

  6. Kickin' it old school!

    I really like the damage dude, well done.

  7. I am to scared to try battle damage just yet, so thumbs up from me.




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