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Thursday, 19 May 2011


Hi everyone who might have stumbled across this, this is going to a blog on my journey through Warhammer 40k. Eventually spanning into other games maybe, we shall see.

Well first off I'll give you all the info you need on where I'm at......

Before I even picked up a brush I got the inspiration to start from my Dad because when he was younger he use to play Fantasy and D&D before I was born. So thanks Dad for that. I first started out when I was around 13 for around 2 years (I'm 21 now) but that was just painting mainly, I first off got a set of Gorkamorka (an old games workshop box set) which I still have all painted up an that. And then I got a whole bunch of Space Marine stuff which also I still have which is what I'm building up from because lucky for me the stuff isn't to out dated to the point I can get away with it. So what I did was download a pdf of the space marine codex and a pdf on the rule book and just did alot of homework on what I'd need. I then picked a chapter (Imperial Fists), so before I started painting them I went down to Games Workshop for an 'introduction game' which turned out to be what can we sell this guy haha. But then I got thinking that they looked boring sitting there all non painted like so I thought I'd paint them up which is where I'm at now. I'm not the greatest of painters by any means so hopefully through this blog you'll see my painting skills get alot better (with your suggestions tips and all sorts). I've nearly finished two full squads of marines and I've done a dreadnought and a Vindicator and Lysander so far (pictures will be up in due time for your scrutiny haha). I've now got a Land Raider (which I bought off ebay in pretty bad shape for cheap, saying that half the stuff I've bought is off ebay because of the vast difference in price to GW) a Devastator Squad, a Rhino a Predator and a Squad of Terminators. This is by no means my only squad ever which is why when I put pics up tips and stuff will be great for improvement in future.

Now we get to the gaming side, I've been watching Battle Reports religiously and flicking through the rule book and such trying to get tactics and such like. This is where you guys come in again, help me out with any Space Marine knowledge you might have, it would be greatly appreciated. Talk about the gaming side as soon as I've got these all painted, gaming will be on the cards and I shall blog about every game I play. 

So introduction over, tell me what you think and I shall, reply to anything you ask in the next blog post. 

Oh and also if by any chance you came across my blog by way of then thank you and welcome! 
If not then check his blog out he has some amazing stuff.



  1. Sounds interesting dude, lets see some pics!

  2. I do love a good Imperial Fists army in a nice muted yellow will be looking forward to seeing some pictures.

  3. I cannot wait until this blog starts producingpictures. I'd be happy to guide you allong your hobby adventures, so don't feel bad about asking noobish questions.

    Remember one thing, the more pictures you have on your blog, the better.


  4. Hey Warflake.

    Thanks for the comment you posted before on my post. I really appreciate it and if there is anything that I can do for you please let me know.
    I don't know how to contact you and that is the reason why I am posting here. Again, thanks.

    The Scatter Dice Rolls




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