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Friday, 20 May 2011

Games Workshop Price Increase

Right well I thought I would put my little piece on this subject.

At the end of the day, as much as you wouldn't like to admit it, it is still a business. And not exactly a massive one at that, they get by with the profits they make.

Also with the release of THQ's Space Marine it's a smart move on there part to maybe get a little hype from it and make a little more profit than usual (I'm not agreeing with it I'm just looking at it from the perspective).

And also Forge World, they use resin and there prices aren't excatly much different (but there minis are excellent but I'm trying to make a point dammit! haha)

We will all still buy there stuff no matter what the price is because we enjoy the hobby. Yeah they might lose some custom but (and this is also the business coming out in them) they will still make new young followers that are more than happy for the parents to fork the bill.

Right on to against :)


The prices have gone up and up and up since I've been away from the hobby which is around 6 years, at that time I think I paid around 12 pounds (maybe a lil more?) for a tac squad boxset, now there 23 pounds for an essential part of your army. That is robbery in my opinion. If I had the money I would but I dont have that much, which pushes you towards things like ebay for example. I was lucky that it was my birthday not that long ago so I got to stock up a little but if it wasn't I wouldn't on the table top for a long time. I think in some ways there shooting themselves in the foot. Even things like paint, where the paint pots a smaller and more expensive.

Resin is a cheaper material than metal, I don't understand how that could make them go up (unless of course its because they need to buy new equipment but that's still not an excuse)? They're using it as an excuse more than likely.

                                             (I love angry marines :]
                                                maybe next project)

I could go on but I think I'm done haha. Tell me your opinions on the matter. Will you still be buying there products from them?

P.S. My next post will be pictures of my stuff I promise and I'll get that done today or tomorrow. 


  1. I will stick with GW untill the end! But to be honest, their bussiness strategies are terrible, a 7 year old could run the company better than, well, whoever is running the company (probably a 3 year old monkey with ADHD).

    Although their prices are terribly high, I just love the whole miniature range, It's completely awesome to me.

    With that aside, I cannot wait to see your WIP Army.


  2. where are your models!? The canolli is waiting...





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