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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

BlogRolls and Blog Networks

This is inspired while doing what I usually do when I get the time in looking through the blog networks I belong to see what's new on there blog rolls. The shame of it is that half the time I notice some of these bloggers have great material but there followers and comments really don't reflect that. I commend these people to keep going with there blogs because I really enjoy reading them. My point is I don't think that all the people attached to these blog networks look at what they've joined and just expect to get comments and followers without putting a little time into reading other peoples blogs. This to me is a little unfair and loses the point of these networks.

Just a couple of examples of the type of thing I'm talking about.

What I ask of you is if you are part of these networks make the effort and just take the time to check out some of the blogs that are listed in the blogrolls. Granted not everyone is posting grade A content but then you will find some real gems that would really appreciate a follow and a comment.

Me as an example I just added a blogroll to my blog which I've added all the blogs I follow and I follow over 250 blogs that I try to check as regularly as possible and comment when I can. Obviously I'm not asking you to comment and view every blog you see but if something looks interesting take the time and read it and if you can give insight or just support comment.

Hope you enjoyed the post.

On a side note I'm tweaking the competition a little, if it's a model you don't own but is your favourite mini do a post on that instead if you would like. I'll still count it and I look forward to all your entries.


  1. Just when I made a post about the competition, you have to tweak it, damn you blogger and the picture upload problem ! :D will you feature the one's that you think shoould be seen or all the entries in someform, or none ? :D

  2. Kudos on the post as I whole heartily agree with you. Despite being part of both FTW and House of Paincakes I get next to no traffic from them. My main sources are individual blogs. I try to join other blogs and comment on their post even if they don't join my own. Its all abut getting your name out there.

  3. @Bear Yeah I will feature all the entries every week till the end of the competition. They all deserve a little exposure if you put the effort in. You will all get shout outs.

    @HOTpanda yeah its all about exposure and also I mean if you want comments and followers making the effort is part of it.

  4. You know the FTW network actually asks that you look at others blogs in the network and possibly comment on them. (not the exact words but something like that.) I try to make a attempt to visit blogs I have never seen when I get time from both networks. Alas real life gets in the way. lol =P

    As another note I know that several bloggers enjoy comments and would like to encourage more but sometimes posts don't leave a ton to add after you read them. It really depends on the bloggers writing style. I enjoy comments or feedback but don't write towards them for example. My blog is designed to be more like a magazine or a page from a magazine than a blog though so I don't mind not getting comments on a regular basis. I enjoy all who come and check out my picture heavy, nonsesne while I joke and kid about our fun hobby. But I don't expect Comments all the time.

    Good article though. =)

  5. Hey man, I agree with you, I probably spend an hour or two a day going through the blogrolls and looking at/comment in peoples work.

    There is some really top class work out there getting largely un-noticed! I always make an effort to comment if I think there is something valuable I can add or some praise that would be well received.

    Thanks for commenting on my stuff when you do anyway man, it's always good to hear from you.

  6. Got to agree with the sentiments here, I try to follow all the blogs I follow and when someone comments on my posts I always reply and then check their blog out just wish people commented more !

    Signed up as a follower btw :)




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