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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Devastator Squad and the risk of eBay

This is an update of what I have on the painting table at the moment along with the nightmare that can be an ebay bought mini.

First off the Devastators.....

Squad Munio
You may be wondering 'why is there only four?' well I shall show you.....

Ebay bought minis can be a pain.

I'm not sure how old this person was but this pose is not going in my army to be honest. Also the thing was just caked in paint. I tried but just no.

On a better ebay purchase I got this guy for £3, I'm guessing he's an older mini but he had some nice fist iconography an everything. He was painted up Crimson Fist but I stripped him an I really love this mini.

Sergeant Brutus
He had a pathetic little bolt pistol, I changed that haha.

Now for some updates on what I else I have in store for you. This Land Raider I bought for £15 off ebay and I'm really pleased the only thing is it has lost a lascannon, the bottom assault ramp and a couple of tracks. If anyone can help me out by pointing out where I can get these bits that'd be awesome!

I've used Army Painter Daemonic Yellow spray on these two tanks and I love it but that is gonna be another post.

Like I said if you can tell me where I can get those bits that would be great.

Thanks guys!


  1. Try which has one off pieces from GW plastic kits.

  2. ebay is indeed a risk! As like said above. You can get bitz from that site. But there are also a few ebay shops who sell bits.
    That one model looks like he is keeping his head away from the shot. Looks funny

  3. i think that brutus sarge is the old pedro mini with 2 arms swapped?




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