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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I'm back/where I've been, what should I get and what's coming up....

Hey guys! Feels so good to be writing this, I've really missed this. The past week or so my computer has gone bang so I've been away from the interwebs! This has sucked majorly, I can't explain how cut off I felt. I'm borrowing this laptop for the moment just to get my sanity back haha. It has altogether been a very bad past week or so, things in general have been pretty terrible all at once.

Ah well now that's over what have I been doing in things related to this blog.....well.....not a great deal to be fair, I'm one of these people who likes to have things in the background while painting thus not a great deal has been done =/ . But I have got an Assault Squad I shall be putting up that I have saved from my old painting level haha. And the vehicles will be done as-well very soon.
Which brings me to the next thing on the agenda, I've recently got a little money so I have a bit to get a new model, which is what this post will be centered around. Obviously this has to fit around what I already have. I was thinking a special character in the form of either an Assault Chaplain like this.

To go with the Assault Squad.


A Librarian in Termie Armour.

This is not just a question of whats the better model, more what is better in battle and would tailor to my list best found here.

I was going to go for the Librarian but I'm not sure who to stick him with, and the thought I had with the Assault Chaplain is whether or not 5 Assault Marines are enough to make them worth the points?

Your insight on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Before I finish I'd like to thank everyone for there submissions for the Dreadnoughts name and a poll will follow tomorrow to determine which one to pick.



  1. Chaplain in TA, Switch up your Land Raider to a Land Raider Crusader and have Lysander rolling with the Assault Termis and the Chaplain.

    That way everyone gets fun-time re-rolls on the charge!

    In my low points lists I don't generally use a character but instead have the Lib in TA with a Storm Shield.

    I think at 5 men the Assault squad won't really have enough output, you're probably only better off dedicating a character to them when you are running them as a unit of 10.

  2. I like the sculpt of the Librarian in Terminator more :) The Libby could go well with your army list too as a Libby provides some psychic defense and has nice utility powers of your choice.

    Gate of Infinity provides a nice movement bonus for slower units and Null Zone for diminishing opponent's survivability.

    You could stick the Librarian with the Termi Squad or a Tactical Squad. I think your list has quite a bit of firepower, so repositioning a unit for assault or rapid fire using the Libby's Gate could be useful.




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