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Monday, 27 June 2011

Help me sort out my blog list.

Hey guys, this is just a quick post to ask if anyone can help me out in sorting a scroll bar for my blog list as it looks so untidy currently. I'm also going to put it into 2 parts to make a little more manageable seen as I have over 300 blogs currently and growing. Basically if I follow a blog it gets stuck in the list, and I also try to make the effort of commenting on every post I see from them, which is extremely hard to keep up with.

So if anyone can help me with sorting that out it would be much appreciated.

While I'm on the subject if anyone knows of any good blogs that I may not know of that you think should get added comment the links and I'll add them.



  1. in blogger
    go to design
    edit HTML
    Download template (in case things go bad!)
    then template designer (up top next to edit HTML)
    scroll to bottom and select "Add CSS"
    copy paste the code below where is says custom CSS


    change the length by changing the number in between the :___px;

    That will give you a scroll bar for the one you have currently. If you add a second blog roll, repeat the process, except change the CSS to the following:


    To set up the blogs in the list,
    go to design
    page elements
    add gadget
    blog list (which will be known as BlogList2, and the original one as BlogList1)
    Then add the blogs you want! You may have to go to the original blog list and delete the ones in there and then start fresh.

    Hope that helps! If you need to, feel free to email me.

  2. Thanks very much, all sorted now.

  3. Hey man, just reading your post. It's really good of you to comment on everyones work, but you can get kinda lost in that time wise.

    Make sure you still make some time for hobby and posting your own good work! I know personally, I can sometimes get sidetracked in the evening looking through blogs and get nothing done of my own work.





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