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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A Couple Of Updates On WIP's And The New Blog lists

First off I'd to say thank you to Asmodai over at Just Another Painting Blog, he was a big help in sorting out my scrollbars for the blog list's. Which is what I wanted to say about, I think it looks alot better being a little more compact and such and having three makes it easy to keep track of who I put in as there in alphabetical order. So take a look through them every so often, also if you notice any blogs that are in there that haven't posted in a long time just let me know and I'll take them out.

Now for updates on my painting projects, well the Librarian is nearly finished, all that has to be done is to get a couple of new paints to finish him and I'm also waiting on a fine tip pen for the scrolls and such. The pen is also what's holding me back from doing other writing on anything else so hopefully that come's through soon. I'm also sorting out a Predator at the moment, doing my usual dirt track's on it as I'm writing this so that should be up soon.

Now we get to the pain in my arse, the Land Raider, I've put orders in for a few sites that are out of stock of the ramp I need and I'm still waiting to hear back from any. May give it a little more time then admit defeat and try and make one.

The Assault Marines are on the back burner for the moment as I'm not including them in the army at the moment.

Finally unrelated to this, I'm hopefully gonna be getting some battles in soon so expect pictures and such very soon.

I'll leave you with an awesome video I found.

1 comment:

  1. This site helped me out a LOT when trying to figure out where and how to place things in my blogs: [url][/url]

    I like the changes. Less usually is more!




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