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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Company Champion WIP

Got some more progress pictures of my Company Champion.

Be ready, he looks pretty awesome.

What you think?

Still got to add chapter symbols but I think he looks pretty awesome right now.

Stone I found on the way to train station earlier and thought 'I like this stone' so after alot of filing fitted it ti a base.

Also got a bunch of tactical marine's in the post today to start work on my marine from every chapter project so expect them after I strip them and unglue a few of them.

Praise and critique welcome.



  1. Beautiful conversion man! I like it lots! He looks really imposing and heroic up on the rock. I think its also the pose, looks like he's just daring the enemy to approach him.

    Where did u get the cloak? It fits well with the mini.

  2. Great conversion. Looks like he is surveying the battle field to decide his plan of action.

  3. I really like the pose, very formidable. What are you using for the cloak? Are those forge world legs?

    very nice combo!

  4. I like it a lot. The pose is full of character, good job

  5. The fluff of the guy I'm basing him on says he is very arrogant but for fair reason as he's a master swordsman.

    The cloak is from a pack of 5 I bought awhile ago from ebay for really cheap. I think they were about 4 pound which is great. The legs are forge world legs off a pre heresy marine that I bought once again off ebay ages ago for like a pound.

    It's made entirely of bits I had and bits I've been given.

    I must say I'm really happy with the reaction.

  6. I have to echo everyone else by saying awesome pose. It really conveys both the arrogance and skill of the character.




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