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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Looking to buy and sell 40k

I'm looking to have a little clean out of some stuff I don't think I'll use.

Here's a link to see what I'm selling

If your interested just comment below and we can work something out.

Also I'm looking for anyone looking to sell any Space Marine stuff they have lying around.

Doesn't matter how badly painted etc just looking for some new additions I can play with.

Also if anyone has anything else there looking to get rid of miniatures wise I'd be interested.

This mainly goes out to my U.K. readers but I'm willing to consider things from anywhere if it's not stupidly expensive.

Really appreciate it.

Thanks guys.


  1. How much for the Scouts?

  2. I am interested in the Space Marines :D

  3. The scouts would be 10 pounds.

    If your interested email me at

    warflakesblog (@) gmail (.) com




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