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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

My MWC Conversion Contest Entry Captain Sigismund

After alot of chopping and changing I'm finally (nearly) happy with him.

So without delay here he is....

I'd like to point out that this is my very first conversion so don't be to brutal.

That is a big sword

In all his glory

And here's the proof that this is mine

What I used....

The body and head from the Company Champion, Terminator Storm Shield, Forge World pre heresy legs, power sword with a combat blade added to the end and the end cut off and replaced, cape I had in a pack of 5 from ebay, Imperial Fist Shoulder pad, Brass etching fist from Forge World, old school backpack and a bunch of purity seals.

This was all stuff from the bitz box that I've thrown together to make him.



I just stuck these on to cover up a few mistakes and because I figured it would look OK. Whether this gets added or not I'm not sure. 

Thanks again guys! Your support is greatly appreciated!


  1. If this was your first try, then you blew away mine like a battleship vs a fishing boat. Great job

  2. Thanks man, yeah it 's my first ever go at a proper conversion. I was really picky with it, changed my mind so much haha

  3. It's great! Even if it wasn't a first try it would be something to be proud of ! Good job and good luck with the competition!

  4. That's a killer conversion for your first one- keep it up and thanks for popping by Adeptus Malaysia dude!

  5. Great work would not even know it was your first go around. Cheers for sharing it with us.

  6. I have to agree with everyone else, great conversion for a first try. I would offer on piece of constructive comment, and that is to maybe get a small file in to smooth off some of the greenstuff around the hilt of the power sword (just as you would with a mouldline), but it's still a hell of a lot better than my first conversions from way back when.

    Can't wait to see it with some paint on




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