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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Product Review: Tyrant Army Figure Case

This thing is just great, I felt like a kid at Christmas today when I got it through.

Right well I'll get down to it, first of all it costs £41 (about $65) with custom filled foam without p&p, which I payed £5 for.

How much can it fit? Well I have two pre cut troop trays each holding 32 troops and then I picked two vehicle trays which are fat enough to fit Land Raiders and enough room to fit about 6 rhinos at a stretch. Which in my opinion is amazing for the price.

Is it heavy? No. Extremely light as it's mainly foam round the sides and on top with a hard plastic bottom.

Mobility? Great, has a hand strap and shoulder strap.

Overall it's amazing and you can't argue with the price. I really do prefer it to the GW option, there's no easy to break plastic clips, it has a zip. Everythings nice and tightly no throwing around of your minis.

I suggest you check it out,

I would put up pictures but unfortunately the camera cable has gone for a walk again.

I just finished stripping a bunch of ebayarines haha. So the chapter projects even closer. Got a couple of additions to my Command Squad to finish which will be coming and really wanted to show you the finishing touches to my Sigismund or Company Champion.

So that to look forward to that.

Thanks guys!

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