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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

To Any Local Readers...

I recently had a comment from saying 'Drop me an e-mail sometime mate it would be nice to have a game or just a beer sometime...'  This made me think that this could be an interesting concept that I'd put to you guys.

If by any chance your from the Essex area, then definitely email me and we should sort something out.

As my URL states I am a noob so the more practice I get in the better and if by some slim chance you wanna meet up have a game and give me your secrets that would be great haha.

Just a bit of a shot in the dark really to see if anyone's interested.

I need more wargaming friends haha.

Thanks guys, regular posting will ensue shortly. 


  1. I'm a Staffordshire guy, so don't think I can help there.

    Still, if you're ever in Staffordshire...

  2. Strangely enough my Auntie lives in Staffordshire and my Dad and Nan live up that way so when I go visit next I'll give you a message.




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