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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Stupidly Cheap Commissions ?

Just wondering if you'd checked out my new page, found here.

Stupidly short post I know but I haven't slept in over 24 hours and  been working all day and the page pretty much explains it.

That's better =]



  1. You should post some of your current work. Might get more people interested in commission jobs if they know you aren't they type of painter that just slaps paint straight onto bare metal as thick as possible.

    We all know they exist :p

  2. yea, pics will help a lot. When i do/have done commissions, I had to build up a rather large portfolio of work. Once I did, people that liked my style and work came to me. Good luck with you new venture!

  3. that ninja looks pretty good

  4. I agree, +1 to the Ninja!

    Maybe don't rush into 'Commissions' Warflake, you could advertise it as a model painting service or a painting exchange or something.

    I think you're doing well so far, but there is still a lot that you could do on the models you already have and have painted before you need to start painting new miniatures and stuff for others.

    Try adding some weathering, or, if you wanted to keep the clean 'walking around the battle barge on a tuesday morning look' to the armour go back and paint the armour a more solid yellow, try out Iyanden Darksun from the foundations range, then bring the colour up on the solid parts of the armour, with a final line hightlight of the yellow you are using now and a bit of white mixed together.

    That would add a lot of depth to your armour on both the marines and vehicles as you would have a shadow, mid tone and highlight.

    Experiment with a few effects like OSL glow and adding weathering powders or mud splatter on the feet to match the tracks of the vehicles.

    Also, as I'm teaching my girlfriends 11 year old son, the #1 key I find to painting nicely (In my opinion) is being neat and correcting any mistakes or areas where the colour has bled or your brush has wandered off course.

    If you applied the above to the models on the commissions section, you might have a fair bit of stuff to do before you even needed to look at getting other peoples models in.

    Don't get me wrong either, I like your work now, but we can all always take a few extra steps to improving what we do. I could have just come in with some sugar coated BS about it being a good idea but I thought some practical advice might help.

    Personally, I've gotten a lot of great tips from Ron of FTW, small things that really make your models look more finished. Have a look through his articles and see what you aren't doing, then try some of those techniques.

    Keep up the good work dude.


  5. P.s. Not sure if you had realised but you have glued the sponson inset in upside down and the sponson gun mount on sideways.

    The lip you can see on the back of it is meant to sit in the inset and the whole lot will sit flush with the tank, giving you a 180* fire arc from each sponson. At the moment you've got 90* fire arc and the whole lot will be sitting out wider than it should

  6. Thank you Red for being honest.

    I've decided to change the name and see where that takes me. I'm at no point to do commissions just yet. But if people are willing to donate for paints it would be appreciated.

    I think putting it as paint for paints is a little less misleading.

    Oh and that sponson had been glued on about 10 years ago and I just stuck it anywhere at the time I guess haha.

  7. just a couple more general suggestions.

    A nice box with a light blue or white background and constant light source, with a good camera can really bring out a lot more detail for your current works, making the idea of commissions more enticing for people looking for that type of work.

    With your current photos, the outside pics lighting keeps shifting ever gradually which changes the shadowing on the minis themselves. Also, some of the pics are blurred/unclear compared to others. A tripod, if available, might help with this.

    What Red has stated is very true as well. Painting minis can take many, many, MANY layers, so don't be afraid to go back through and clean up areas where colors may have spread to unwanted regions. Keep your paints applied lightly, as to not drown out details, and the layering should be cake.

  8. P.p.s. Love your enthusiasm dude. Keep giving it 100%




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