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Friday, 1 July 2011

Calling All Followers And People That Will Read This

Do I have your attention? Awesome! Let's get down to business.

What I wanted to ask you guys is, I want to start Guest Poster Fridays. A new series here that will basically be a new poster every Friday talking about either tactics or doing some form of tutorial. The reason for this is, well I'm new at the gaming side and don't have much to teach in the way of painting and modelling so I thought this would be a great opportunity for you share your knowledge with me and my followers. 

If you think you would be interested leave a comment and we will get this thing going.

Real simple!



  1. As long as we don't have to do it too many times, I'd be game. I'd run out of tutorials preeetty quickly. Haha

  2. Well hopefully more people will be game to. If not I won't make you do them all haha.

  3. Well that's a load off. All I know how to do is paint adequately, and make terrible jokes. Haha

  4. I can help out if you wan't, let's hope there will be more people who's willing to contribute.

  5. I can lend my hat into this circle. I hhave lots to talk about and even more on my mind. Count me in. Myself I might even prefer that you give me a topic to talk about. This would give me direction. Think of yourself as the editor.

  6. i can help :D
    im not too sharp on tactics (uniqe army lists i can do but not many :P)

    but if ya need any painting tuts give us a shout! (or if you are lazy you can C&Pthe tutorials from my blog)




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