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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Fully FInished Captain Sigismund.....

So I finished him off couple of days ago, few bits to clear up but generally I think he's done!

Let me know what you think!


I would also like to add that this is also quite fitting considering that I won 2nd place in the MiniatureWargameConversions contest. Thanks to everyone who voted!


  1. Your

  2. Looks awesome man. Just wondering how you painted it? I would recommend a wash of Gryphonia Sepia and/Ogryn Flesh on the gold as the reddish brown tones really help define gold areas.

    Another method you can try next time is this;

    Basecoat - 50/50 Shining Gold (I think it is this one - it's the darker of the two) and Scorched Brown - though I tend to use more 30/40 Gold/Brown.

    Wash - Use the above colours as a wash

    Highlight 1 - Straight Shining gold, leaving the darkest colours in the recesses.

    Highlight 2 - Simply hit all the hard edges with a fine layer of Mithril Silver. It is subtle, but really helps the mini pop. Check out my Current Commissions page on my site for an example.

    The sword looks killer, what method did you use for it? I have an idea of how, but I am curious to know.

  3. Looking Good! I agree with trying out washes, they help make my stuff look better.

  4. First of all the sword idea was stolen from this,

    It was a build up of around 4 colours.

    With the washes I did hit it with one layer of Sepia then so I think I'll give it another.

    The golds I used were a mix of shining gold and burnished gold one for darker places and one for lighter.

    The main problem with the pictures I take is it doesn't compliment anything I do haha.

    I will try the higlight of mithril and hit it with another wash and see how it looks thanks!




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