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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Advice: Way To Make Mk5 Shoulder Pads?

As the title states I'm looking at a way to make some Mk5 shoulder pads.

I was thinking drilling holes in the pads and using pin heads in the holes?

But without play testing that idea I can't tell whether that would work and how that would look.

I was just wondering if anyone had any good ideas for this.

This would be for my Sternguard as I would like to give them all the studded pads but without paying a fair bit I can't get 10 of them =/

For example I had a quick look on ebay and saw that bitz stores were selling them for 2 pounds inc p&p (around 3.30 dollars) each or around 7 pounds inc p&p (around 11.50 dollars) for 5.

Which for 10 guys will get a little expensive.

I did look at the option of Chapterhouse which would cost me 15 dollars for 10 which is still a little more than I'd like to pay but I'm fairly willing to that option.

Give me opinions please people!


I leave you with some completly unrelated music.

A band I've been listening to for years.

I may make this a regular thing. More than likely for posts with just text but we shall see.



  1. Well, you could get a water filter and then open it for an endless supply of studded shoulderpads and rivets (on terrain). Also, you could resin cast your own Mk5 pads.

  2. I created a master studded shoulder pad and resin cast a boat load for my Dark Templar marines – worked a treat and was quite painless.

  3. I saw this on cmon, haven't tried it myself but it looks pretty decent, and suited to your needs if you go down the casting road. (could even just press g'stuff into it and mold them that way)

    or else, you could just make tiny balls of g/s and press them individually into plain pads.

  4. Find some guys who don't want theirs from the Tactical Marine box. Not everyone likes them after all:) I used to not like them, but have since changed my mind, so there will be some of them on my converted sternguard (started out with the chaos space marine box). Might even try to put some studs on one of the legs :)

    Oh and Iron Maiden is good stuff. Seen them live three times:)




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