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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Ironclad WIP and Blog Forum?

So I've been working on my Ironclad once again.

I completely started from scratch on this.

And I must say I'm really happy with my new recipe for yellow and how it looks.

Ignore the fact that it's pretty messy at the moment and I didn't realise till I put the pictures up that there's a hair stuck to the engine haha.

So overall I'm really glad I started this again.

But that's not all I wanted to talk about.

So I have a test blog where I play around with settings and gadgets and such and I found a way to make a forum in my blog and wanted to share it with to see what you think and ideas and such.

Also whether you think it being apart of this blog would be a good idea?

Here is the link 

Let me know!



  1. It's coming along great Warflake. Do you plan on washing the yellow at all to help give it some depth?

  2. The yellow looks brighter than before, are you painting the yellow directly over a black base coat? it looks that way in some areas?

    If you are, try base coating with a brown before the yellow. I use a base of scorched brown followed by bubonic brown for the shade I want.

    Hope it helps. Man you do a lot of painting, wish I could churn out stuff at your rate:)

  3. What a great idea having a test blog! i never considered doing that. as far as the forum goes it looks a bit basic atm, i dont know if its poss to jazz it up a bit. If your going to have a forum i'd suggest it has a very narrow focus ie a particuler chapter or IG regiment as there are LOTS of general GW forums out there so you need a selling point that makes yours different from the rest. hth




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