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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Discussion:Do you field/play people with unpainted armies?

I have come across this subject many times with mixed response so I thought I would put to you my thoughts on the matter and would be really interested in what you thought on it.

My opinion is that painting the models comes first and playing the game is a bonus.

My Dad was into the hobby when it originated and he recalls it being just a miniatures business and the game was added later.

I feel this mentality should still be used.

I watch alot of battle reports and read alot of them on blogs and it really loses it's appeal to me if the army is unpainted. And when I say unpainted I don't mean just bare plastic/metal/resin I also mean things like models all sprayed one colour and plopped down on the table.

That is not a painted army in my opinion.

The reason for me bringing this up is because as you can tell I'm taking painting my Imperial Fists rather seriously. To the point where I'm now completely re-painting half of my army.

This is because I like the idea of simulating a battle with models that look realistic at what they are portraying.

If someone was to field a Chaos army say against my Imperial Fists and I lay out my pride and joy (and hardwork) on to the table and they put down a bunch of Chaos Black models in front of me I would feel it a waste of time.

This is just my opinion.

That is not to say I wouldn't play an army that is unpainted I just would feel a little disheartened.

I'm not a great painter myself and I know that this may be why you haven't painted them seen as you payed all that money for them. But you can learn.  You may not get to Golden Demon standard but at least you will have the pride of knowing you put alot of effort into what you are fielding.

I would really like to know you guys thoughts on this one as it's something I feel is an important subject to tackle.


Warflake out

[End Transmission]


  1. i don't think that if you are only going to play with people with fully painted armies that you are going to play many games. I have a fully painted eldar army of 5000pts plus but I can live with playing unpainted armies. In fact its a nice bonus to play against another nicely painted army. My only gripe is with someone who only ever plays with unpainted armies because they only ever play with armies they dont think can loose, the latest codex creep force. They have no interest in the hobby they just want to win, to feel the high of success that eludes them in all other aspects of their lives.

  2. You make an excellent point.

    And by no means do I expect a good percentage of my games to be against painted armies it is just personal preference that I would.

    I know what you mean about the codex hoppers I haven't been in the hobby long and I can see that, it's very apparent.

  3. Or look at it that you have already won the game if your army is painted an theirs is not. At least that's how a friend of mine thinks about it.

  4. As an old school player myself I think painting up your army is just as important as gaming with it. I really enjoy painting now however, when I was an impetuous teen I remember all I cared about was playing the game and hated painting. Painting for many can seem like hard work and it has taken me the best part of 20 years to appreciate it.

  5. I always prefer to play with painted models, but I will often play with a unit or two that haven't been painted yet. I take my painting pretty seriously but, at the same time, I buy my models to play and I see nothing wrong with getting them on the field immediately.

    I don't really care if my opponent plays an unpainted army, though games against a painted army are more enjoyable. However, I would want to see some progress in my opponent's painting. If they're playing a new army or a slow painter, that's totally understandable. If they haven't painted any units in 6 months, then I need to start giving them a hard time.

  6. Warflake, You're gonna be really good at painting man so don't sweat. You're getting all the right base techniques down and the fact that you can see room for improvement and want to improve already puts you ahead of 70% of the people into the miniatures games.

    I'm with MCT, I used to HATE painting as a teen but loved to play the game. I probably painted 5-10 models in the whole time I was playing and for the rest of them primed black was about all they ever got.

    I've only actually been painting for a year as you know but now place a lot of importance in that. You have to paint for yourself though, not to have a painted army just to play with, but to paint them because you enjoy it and you want to get that great end result you desire.

    I have no problem playing against any state if painted army whether that be grey plastic, primer, 3 colour or GD standard. What I do dislike though is playing against a counts as army that is not WYSIWYG. I hate it when an opponent has shit in their army that has not been properly represented on or by the models (I don't mind counts as if it's done properly, I mean a squad of say, guardians counting as space marines).

    Mostly because it's confusing and I always get caught out by the 'Oh yeah, that squad you just charged/ignored is actually my super mega death squad'.

    I think having an unpainted army, at least for your first and primary army is a required evil of the game. The game itself is only really enjoyable and balance in my opinion from 1500 points and up and it takes most people (myself included) at least a year to get to that stage of painted army with a normal and balanced life. One of my friends however has had his army for about 5 years and only has one squad and his HQ painted, but he is quite lazy at the same time so I understand why haha..

    Good article, sorry to ramble.

  7. Painted armies are better. They play better, look better, and makes the hobby more meaningful. Every wargaming hobbyest should have painted armies.

    When I see unpainted armies I feel a bit sad, but instead of lashing out I try to encourage others to paint their armies. One thing I've done is show others how to quick paint. If they see that they themselves can paint to a real nice table top standard without tons of effort, it's more fun for all!

    Another thing I've done is paint a miniature or so for others, that way they get something nice in their army and hopefully makes them want all their miniatures to look nice.

  8. I personally always try and play with a fully painted army or one that has been painted to some degree, lets say with my ultramarines they are painted blue and all the details are picked out in the right colour.

    My gaming buddies don't really care about theirs so I end up playing partially painted/painted to not very good standard (ie just a coat of yellow and red slopped onto the wrong places...) ...

    I strongly agree that batreps are WAY more interesting with colourful pics, I always get bored when reading a batrep either without them/with tons of unpainted stuff (having one or two units per side is still ok though, you can be realistic).

    Great post!

  9. I think most people have no problem with playing against an unpainted army on occasions but it makes all the difference if they can see their opponent has some interest in painting their army to THEIR best ability. I myself do not have a fully painted up army yet, it an ongoing wip. On the other side playing with a fully painted army on a proper game board and scenery is freaking awesome! so that's the goal to aim for.

  10. Well when I did my first tournament I made for sure that my army was painted. The compliments you get from players who liked to see a painted army is a bonus.
    I really don't mind if the army isn't painted. Of course its not the same but as long as you see the models its no big deal.

  11. I totally agree with some of these comments. I game at a local club and almost everybody there has a painted army. I'm fine with playing one of the only 2 guys without a painted army, but playing against another painted army is more fun and it shows that (in my eyes at least) that your opponent sees the hobby as more than just a game. Because It really is!

    I know Im trying to sell myself as a model painter and its really easy to say "Oh they should paint there armies if they really like the hobby! I can so why wont they!?" but I'm not mean like that, some people have time to paint others don't or are too afraid that theyll mess it up. I would say to hire someone like me but I also accept that people don't necessaries want to pay.

    My Plan is to say to them, "You should paint them or get them painted, but you don't have to" Its a lot nicer way of putting it than most ways, and they might even do it out of that "well he said I don't have to" feeling.

  12. I hate unpainted armies, and their cousin the not full assembled and full of proxies army. It just reeks of lazy! I also hate the excuse, "I'm not a good painter." (or the better "I don't have the time.") Well nobody is until they start. Not every army has to be/or is Golden Demon quality.

    There is also ALWAYS going to be someone who paints better than you as well. The solution, do your best and have pride in your work.

    I'd rather play against a fully painted army of any ability than an unpainted one. It just makes for a better game win or lose.

  13. There's nothing better than playing with a fully painted army against another fully painted army on a well terrained (new word) board.
    Unfortunately if you demand this you will not play many games.
    If you aspire to this you are a hobbyist.
    Me and a friend have played Warhammer and 40k for almost 14 years. I have one army almost fully painted. It would be fully painted If I hadn't gone and bought a load more stuff for it. Oh well, maybe in another 14 years.

  14. I was thinking about this very thing this morning before I happened upon your blog post.

    I can play any models onto the tabletop that I haven't painted. It's a thing of mine. Just can't do it.

    Playing against unpainted armies can be disappointing, there's a whole aspect of the hobby that's missing there, but it's fair enough. We all have different reasons for getting into the game.

    For me, if I'm going to spend the money - and the hobby isn't cheap - I'm going to get my money's worth. And for me that means getting the army painted before it ever hits the tabletop.




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