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Thursday, 11 August 2011

New Venture: Orks! WAAAGGGHHH!

So after I looked at my Ironclad today and realised I really didn't like and figured I'd go back to the drawing board I thought to myself that I was getting a little tired of painting yellow. Which may assist in my paintjob on the Ironclad sucking so bad.

So I thought to myself what could I paint that'll give me a little break. So first of all I got some test minis done for the Executioners. I think I've finally found a pallet I like. Then I realised I have a bunch of unpainted Orks just waiting to have paint to brush on them.

So here is my attempt at painting one.

Give me your feedback on if you like it or what I can change etc.

This has started me wanting to have a small force (leading to big force) of Orks.

So expect more Green Skins.

If you notice the gun looks weird its because I was around 10 when I put this together with plastic glue, so yeah nothing I can do about that now.

Give me your feedback!

Warflake out

[End Transmission]


  1. Did you use a black undercoat on the ironclad? I get the effect you have when I put yellow over too dark an undercoat try a 'wet' dry brushing with iyaden darksun first. Also I use a flat ended brush instead of a regular pointed one.

  2. I can't wait to see those Executioners.

    The Ork looks good, just a little flat. The skin is excellent, textured without being too dark. I think the metals could use a heavy black wash to give them some depth and grime (as befitting an Ork) and your brown areas could use a Devlan Mud was to add some depth and darken them a bit. Right now, their some of the brightest parts of the model, and they draw the eye away from the features you want people to concentrate on.




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