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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

WIP Ironclad Dready: To Heavy On The Wash?

Right well I spent today working on the Ironclad and I figured before I start doing anymore I'd ask your opinions. So I tried to make him look really battle worn so I figured I'd give him a really heavy wash of Sepia but I'm not sure whether or not I went to heavy or not?

He's by no means finished, still want to add scratches and chips and other detailing but here he is for now.


I will be adding a couple more of those spikes to the front of the base also but that's not important right now haha.

So what do you think, have I gone to heavy?


Warflake out

[End Transmission]


  1. I think it looks good man, very battleworn indeed. Maybe just bring up all of the edges to your main yellow again before you start adding the battle damage to him? Might add some more definition to the edges of the model and cement the bulky armoured look.

  2. If you're looking for grimy I think the wash looks great. You might want to think about trying a sepia oil wash sometime. The great thing about oils is that if it's too heavy, you can take a cotton bud with some mineral spirit and wipe off the dried wash. You can't really do that with acrylics once they dry.

    It's looking good so far, though it would be cool if you posted higher res pics for a closer look :)

  3. Thanks guys I will give both those things a try.

    Higher resolution scares me ;p

  4. Great job, I love the metal areas. One small newbish question, how did you get your blogger page section (under your banner) to changhe colour. I have been searching all night...

  5. Real easy mate, go into design, then template designer, then go into advance, then tabs background and there you have it! Let me know about anything else your wondering about.

  6. The model looks just fine. Especially if you are going for the right of the battlefield look.

  7. It's a bit heavy for my taste, but I like really bright models. As it is, it certainly looks grimy from the battlefield, so it that's the look you want, it's good as it.

    If you want to brighten it up, some edge highlights with your base color would brighten the color without cleaning the model up too much (so that you maintain the battlefield grime look).

  8. Thanks, Spent all night trying to find it, thank you so much, my blog now has pages!!

    Your the best man




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