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Monday, 22 August 2011

Rebooting my Imperial Fists: Tacticals WIP

So I have been working on my tactical squads kind of in a assembly line kinda way but I have deviated from that a little which is what this post is about as I want your opinion on what I've been playing around with.

One thing that is really holding me back is my lack of basing materials.

Really need to get some.

Anyway here is what I I'm talking about.

You probably are thinking that they look super untidy and you are not wrong as they are by no means finished but I deviated because I wanted to test a couple of things.

Battle damage and a muddy looking base and feet.

Also you may notice the line work is super untidy I will be cleaning that up very soon I use these pictures as guidelines as my lighting where I paint is terrible haha.

This is an example of no basing materials!

Because I completely stripped this guy I also lost his base work and it left a lovely pool of yellow but hopefully  base materials will be on hand shortly!

Along with some weathering powders.

So let me know what you think about what I'm playing around with.

I'm just experimenting with what could make them look a little more warn and battle damaged.

And the reason there not getting done quicker is because I'm doing 20 at one time haha.


Warflake out

[End Transmission]

1 comment:

  1. All in my opinion only and I am not that good myself at this stuff.

    The good, your battle damage looks good! the muddy feet also on the right track.

    The bad, the line highlight does not work, use a wash its more subtle and realistic. Mould lines need to be cleaned up as well.

    Keep going, its obvious to see you are growing as a painter with each step!!




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