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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Saturday Post Showcase:Cheap Gaming Table and more...

Been very busy this week so posts have been lacking but I haven't forgotten this slot and always read everything everyone posts.

First up Heresy Workshop with absolutely amazing piece!

Please check this out, just amazing.

Next up is Miniature Tim with this fantastic Black Templar Chaplain

He lists all the different bits he used and it is really interesting.

Next up is Wargamers Hub with this snippet of there Red Scorpion Army

I think you will agree that's a fantastic start check out the other pictures!

Next up is Smells Like Wargaming with this beautifully painted and fully magnetised DreadKnight

Please check out the other pictures he has done an amazing job on this.

Next up is My Dice Hate Me with his Ragnar Blackmane, his Possessed Chaos Space Marines and.....


Next up is a battle report from Table Top War whom I watch rather regularly and this is a cool battle report between his old army and his new. Deathwing vs Blood Angels

Next up another youtuber/blogger I watch regularly the 19th Legion.

In this post he goes over how to make a cheap gaming table which we all know we want!

And I thought I would also add this guy to the roster.

He is a newbie to the hobby like myself and would really appreciate you guys go give him a look and show him some support!


Warflake out 

++End Transmission++

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