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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Just One Drop Pod???

So I thought about my list and what I could do to make it have some more Imperial Fist elements to it. I figured I really do need to take Lysander. He is a fun character regardless of points and such. So then I thought what to put him with? Well as I was going to build them anyway Sternguard seemed a good option. Now how are they getting around? Well this is the interesting thing. I thought that maybe a Drop Pod of 9 Sternguard and Lysander gives the squad survivability because Lysanders in it, gives them assault capabilities because Lysanders in it, makes there bolters that little more scary because....I'll stop there.

The only thing is when I was building the rest of it I thought that considering what models I have currently I could build a list with just one that may be effective.

So I gave it a go.

Lysander - 200

9 Sternguard w/ 2 x Combi Melta 2 x Combi Flamer w/Drop Pod - 285

10 man Tactical Squad w/power fist, melta and missile launcher Rhino - 235

10 man Tactical Squad w/power fist, flamer and missile launcher Rhino - 230

10 Scouts - missile launcher,  sniper rifles, 150

2 x 1 Land Speeder - multi-melta, heavy flamer 150

Vindicator x2 w/siege shields- 250

To me sounds like a fun list that suits what I feel is an Imperial Fist army roster.
Vindicators can put holes in the enemy but you can't just take one you have to take two.

The one thing I could change is reducing the Scout Squad and sticking camo cloaks on them and getting another regular speeder to fill out there squad a little.

I also have not and refuse to put this past forums as it always usually comes back to 'well that's not competitive' -_-

But that's a completely different matter!

Please give me your feedback as always.

Edit: I also found an Imperial Fist sample GW list that I played around with and came up with this.

Librarian Cestus - 100 points
Space Marine Librarian with The Gate of Infinity and The Avenger.

Ancient Torian - 125 points
Dreadnought with two twin-linked autocannons.

Ancient Rokan - 125 points
Dreadnought with two twin-linked autcannons

Combat Squad Vendetta - 270 points
10 Space Marines with Flamer, Missile Launcher, Sergeant with Power Fist, mounted in Razorback with twin-linked lascannons.

Combat Squad Vengeance - 275 points
10 Space Marines with Melta, Missile Launcher, Sergeant with Power Fist, mounted in Razorback with twin-linked lascannons.

Combat Squad Viagra - 155
5 Space Marines Sergeant with Power Fist mounted in a Razorback with twin linked heavy bolters

Deathwind Squadron - 210 points
3 Land Speeders with multi-melta and heavy flamer.

Annihalatum - 120 points
Vindicator with dozer blade.

Crucible - 120 points
Vindicator with dozer blade.

10 points if you see one rather entertaining change I made.


Warflake out

++End Transmission++


  1. One drop pod can work just fine, provided the squad inside is durable and you don't drop them in too vulnerable a situation. Lysander goes a long way to keeping the squad alive.

    The overall list looks pretty solid. I would try to get camo cloaks for the Scouts. In my experience, they don't do much damage but their survivability makes up for it.

    The second list isn't bad either. I'm guessing you made quite a few changes to it since I know how good GW sample lists usually are. The Librarian doesn't seem to fit in though. I assume he's riding in one of the Razorbacks, so I would probably take Null Zone or Force Dome instead of Gate of Infinity. Transporting Tactical Marines won't do much good, especially if they already have a transport.

  2. Yeah I did do quite a fair bit with the GW list, used it as more a guideline. I forgot to change the powers to Null Zone. I also made an alternative to that list implementing Sternguard in it with one razorback and a couple of Rhinos and added Combi goodness.




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