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Monday, 3 October 2011

Looking for a side project...

So I've painting my Marines for awhile now. Admittedly after a short break I've come back to them to re-paint everything and have a couple of new additions to paint but that shall come later. This being my main project and one that I will continue with I also want something new to do on the side also to break up painting Marines.

So I get to what I'm thinking about doing.

I have a few options really but I need help in deciding which to go with.

I would like to do another 40k army but it can't be another Marine army or Imperial based so that leaves me with Eldar/Dark Eldar, Orks, Tau, 'Nids, Daemons, Necrons.

Out of those the ones that interest me are:

Dark Eldar




And Daemons

All purely because I like the models and in most of them the story behind them. I have no interest in how competitive they are just purely for the love of the models.

Then I get to my other thought of doing a Fantasy army instead being that Fantasy really interests me and some of the armies have awesome models.

My choices for those would be:


Orcs and Goblins

Tomb Kings

Or Vampire Counts

Then there is the thought of doing something completely un-related like Warmachine/Hordes, Malifaux, Infinity     or do miniatures from various companies.

My other question for you would be if you would be alright with me posting miniatures un-related to 40k on here? If I do start to include un-related miniatures I will change the title and such to suit the fact I am not doing exclusively 40k which I'm OK with.

Let me know your thoughts guys!


Warflake Out

++End Transmission++


  1. Do what you like. Go ahead and post info about any game system you are interested in my opinion.

    I had the same bored of marines issues you had and I am starting to collect Dark Eldar. The figs are top notch and you'll enjoy painting and playing them.

    As far as fantasy goes, I have never found one that truly spoke to me as an entire range. I think the new stuff coming out for Ogre Kingdoms is just awesome looking and could have multiple center pieces in your army

  2. I think that it's painting the flat surfaces and painting the same general colour scheme.

  3. In my opinion For fantasy Daemons can get repetitive as you tend to field the same models on volume. Fun to play I love mine but painting 60 bloodletters was worse then my Space marines. Its a lot of red. Skaven can be fun but I would lean more towards an undead fantasy army as they can vary units and reduce the tedium of painting the same colour over and over again.

    As far as 40k goes I have seen some gorgeous Dark eldar and they do look fun to paint and to play. Orcs can also be fun to paint as there is a lot of weathering opportunities in the army.

  4. For me the hobby is miniatures over all, not just limited to GW. That is why I use my GW Lizardmen with the Kings of War ruleset, my wife built a Vampire Counts force out of mostly Mantic undead, we both have 35+ points worth of Warmachine, decent sized fleets from Firestorm Armada, and of course Warhammer Quest to burn some time on.

    Pick what you feel might be most interesting. There are some good minis out there outside of GW. It might be worth exploring those options if you hadn't in the past.

  5. You wont be the first or last blogger to change the direction of there blog as shiney new toys become available. Id not even change the name it's your brand now so to speck and no one will mind a warmahorde or www2 fig creeping in. There's only so many marines you can look at in one day lol.

  6. I agree, dont worry about posting other models on your blog, everybody love s a well painted mini or hobby article regardless. As for choice, I like the dark eldar for 40k, I collect empire for fantasy although not for a long time now. For a non GW line I like the flames of war stuff!

  7. id say a very small ork army, those things are waaaaay too fun to paint :D (checkers, blood, scribbgles, stripes, triangles, faces :D)


  8. a samll elite orks/orc army those things are WAAAY too fun to paint :D but if you paint too many you get burnt out!





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