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Friday, 7 October 2011

Cheap Dreadnought Autocannon Alternative

So I wanted four twin linked Autocannon arms for my Dreadnoughts but really didn't want to pay out like £30 for 4 arms from Forge World. So while I was looking around for people's conversions I found this thread on Dakka Dakka

Which showcased some cool bits but it wasn't until I saw this...

I knew I wanted them!

If you have a look through that thread I posted there is a couple of examples of people that have used these for there Dreadnoughts straight off the sprue.

And the best part is the price.

I paid £16 after shipping for 2 of these which equals four Dreadnought arms =D

I think there other stuff looks cool but I want to wait till I get these before buying anything else from them.

Here is a link to there site for you to check there stuff out.


Warflake Out

++End Transmission++


  1. I love the way they have avoided making 2x T/L Autocannon arms for a dreadnought by... turning them upside down!

    Haha, they even have the same upper (though upside down) shoulder profile!

    Good stuff dude, I rate these dreads highly and I like the look of their kit. £16 for 4 arms is a pretty bloody good deal as well!

  2. bitspudlo definitely have tons of great bits options - thanks for pointing these out!




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