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Saturday, 5 November 2011

I Have The Necron Codex....

And I really like it personally, to me it's not overpowered and not weak at all. I will review it properly once I get over the initial excitement of looking at the pretty pictures but I'll say some things I like about it from I have looked at so far.

Some things have been nerfed but in a way to reduce points costs, that is a good thing in my opinion. Thirteen point Warriors? Yes please.

The amount of special characters, even though I will more than likely not use them alot of the time and will more than likely opt for the cheaper Overlord option the choice is awesome. Also the amount of work they have in the backstory for them is awesome. This army has alot and I mean ALOT more character now which I think was needed.

The Night/Doom Scythes look like they shall be interesting and look forward to seeing the model for those. Furthermore the new look Wraiths look very interesting and I hope will be having a new model. On the subject of models I think it's a great idea of packaging the sets as two options like Deathmarks and Immortals etc and I really do like the new look of the models they have released.

The division in factions is also very cool, I had seen this in the White Dwarf but is further explained in this which in turn, as said previously, gives the army more character.

The weapons aren't what everyone was crying CHEESE over either, I think the weapons are good but I see alot of anti infantry and not a great deal of anti-tank but that maybe me just flicking through out of excitement. I would have liked for example hyperphase swords to be a bit more than power swords but maybe that's just me.

The C'tan Shard thing is interesting, they are fairly cheap points wise but not once you add upgrades and being that it's only one unit is going to get you far but I still may run one or two because I'd like to see how they do.

I think Quantum Shielding on the vehicles is pretty cool, increasing the armour values by 2 until a penetrating hit is caused.

One thing that ever since I saw the models I have been thinking, the big gun platforms. For example the Doomsday Ark, I just love the look of them and there stats definitely tempt me towards them.

This has been said many times I can imagine but one thing that disappoints me is the Flayed Ones, both there models and there stats personally. I don't think I shall be fitting them in any force soon.

I do like the Praetorians and the Lychguard and will more than likely use them, even at there Terminator costs. More than likely the Lychguard with Hypephase Swords and Dispersion Shields at a total cost of 225 for 5 models seems a little hefty though but I like them.
I am relatively new to Necrons so I don't know a great deal about there last Codex but I have had a quick look through and in my opinion they have done a good job in bringing them into 5th (and possibly into 6th? Remains to be seen).
This post is just me being like over excited and just blurting things out without actually reading much so take it as that please haha.

I shall try and pay more attention to it now I'm at home and have more time to focus on it I promise.

All I'll say is I am really happy I bought this Codex.


Warflake Out.

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