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Saturday, 12 November 2011

How Do You Take Your Models Picture?

So recently I've been wanting to take pictures of the stuff I've been painting up but can't because I have no set up to do so any more. What I was hoping was that any of you guys could help me find a light box or something similar to use for taking the pictures.

Or tell me what you use to take your pictures? I see some great pictures from you guys and just want to try an emulate that here.

If you know of anywhere cheap to get something I can use please know that I'm in the UK so if it requires shipping etc think of that also.

Any help you guys can give would be greatly appreciated as I want to increase the quality of what I put out.


Warflake Out.      


  1. I keep it simple and cheap. A white paper and sunlight does the trick. After that some tweaks with Microsoft Windows Photo Editor (light and contrast), and it's set to go. If you want I could make a more detailed write up. But I'm sure someone has better solutions.

  2. There was a post recently on the Privateer Press forums about this, which a few cheap portable light studios were linked from amazon, as well as how to make a studio from an old milk crate and a GW figure case. Can take a look at it and see if anything fits your needs.

  3. That's pretty much what I did before, thought I may need to increase the quality though. But if you have a good technique with doing it your way by all means write it up please.

  4. It was too complicated to explain it, so I posted some photos of my setup on my blog at:

  5. I touch on how I take my pictures here (and a bit more here... but the tl;dr version is:

    * Grab a lightbox off of eBay. I got mine for $35.

    * Fiddle with the settings on your camera. Expect lots of trial-and-error to find the best configuration. Take notes.

    * Take several versions of every shot. Easier to snap 5 exposures and delete 4, keeping the best.

    * Download and run Picasa. Open your picture in it and hit I'm Feeling Lucky. It always makes an improvement. Crop appropriately.

    Lots of light, trial-and-error, Picasa.

  6. If you did it, than we probably used/use the same method :) Just in case I put up this on my blog (shameless linking!) maybe it can help someone. Thanks for the idea.

  7. Much appreciated, that was the thing I was looking at getting. It's around £30-35. Thanks for showing me how the pictures look.

  8. Make yourself a lightbox like I did. They are easy to make and will cost you pennies. There are many good guides on the internet.

    You will need a fairly high end camera, at least something that you can adjust dept of field and exposure. Set depth of field pretty high and to compensate for it (and also for not using flash) you will have to have your exposure pretty high (usually mine is around 2''). For this reason you will also need a tripod because there is no way on Earth you could hold your camera absolutely still for 2 seconds!

    Hope this helps.

  9. white paper, sunlight and a few torches!




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