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Sunday, 13 November 2011

New Feature:40k Podcast Feed Added

So I regularly listen to podcasts, especially when I paint or put things together. So I thought maybe I can add all the podcasts I listen to on here so it, not only helps me keep updated, but helps you guys have somewhere to come and find the most recent post from any of the really cool 40k podcasts.

Have a look and let me know what ones, if any, I have missed. If there's any you want added by all means tell me.

I will say I do really recommend the past episode of the Overlords. They have part 1 of there review the Necron Codex and also Gav Thorpe is interviewed and is asked about what he wants to go into room 40001. It's a great episode and Gav is a great bloke.


Warflake Out.      


  1. Hey Warflake,

    Thank you for following my blog it is must appreciated! I have to agree with you on the podcasts, I really enjoy listening to people talk about 40K while I paint or put models together. I find that their excitement for the hobby makes me excited and gets me motivated to paint, model or game!

  2. Completely agree with you, I think that is what drives me also.
    On following your blog no problem whatsoever, as much as I enjoy listening to 40k Podcasts I also enjoy looking up at peoples blogs a lot to see what cool things people come out with. Look forward to see your content bud.

  3. You are missing my favorite 40k, video game, and poop joke podcast, "Life After The Cover Save". Here is a link to their forum site that has all of their episodes available for download.

  4. Thanks man, I do listen to them it's just I don't think they have a way to link there episodes otherwise I would.




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