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Saturday, 26 November 2011

New Bitspudlo Alternative Necron Products

Once again our friends over at have released and are going to release a couple of cool looking Necron alternatives for you who need/can't wait for the model.

First up are the scheduled for release soon Scarabs (I will update you with when if your interested)

If the pricing of there previous products are anything to go by expect these to be really reasonable and I'm fairly positive I shall be purchasing from them as soon as they release.

Then we move onto what is released which I'm really interested about, there alternative Triarch Stalker.

No Necron seated in the cockpit (for obvious reasons) but that is easily fixed and you can't argue this looks pretty menacing. This is really a case of if you can wait or you really need one and your scratchbuilding skills aren't upto par (much like myself). Personally I love it let me know what you think.

If your interested in this heres the link to it. Reasonable pricing once again I feel considering the fact it is made from resin.

Thank you Bitspudlo for releasing a great looking product once again.

Thanks for reading.

Warflake Out

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