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Friday, 4 November 2011

Soon To Be New Partner

So in some exciting news I shall be having a new partner for this blog coming soon. Silar from the blog Fallen Princes has asked to share things Badab Veteran over here and I have happily agreed due to his support in the past.

He shall be writing up a description of what the Badab Veterans are soon so expect that and I won't go into any more detail.

Hopefully this will help both of us out with some interest but that remains to be seen.

In my hobby related news I am just finishing up some Terminators that I've re-painted after procrastinating over painting for quite awhile due to quiting smoking I'm finally picking up a brush again. Just in time also for the Necrons release tomorrow, for which I have reserved my Codex and shall be picking that up tomorrow to decide which units I need first.

Rather exciting stuff from what I've read in this months White Dwarf but remains to be seen as I refuse to look at all the posts on the Codex till I get mine tomorrow haha.  Expect to see more of those over here from me than here but they still shall appear here.


Warflake Out.  

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