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Monday, 9 January 2012

Necron Warrior Test Model Part 2

Carrying on from yesterdays post

So this is my second attempt at a Warrior scheme let me know what you think. I have one more idea then if that doesn't work I'll try something else.

I have gone with a basalt grey base with a greyblue drybrush for highlight. I think it looks good and is easy enough for how many Warriors I want to paint.

The next scheme I will try is white/bone colour (notice how it is getting progressively brighter) staying the blue. That is unless you this works well? Looks better than the black definitely as someone said with the last model the black took away to much detail.

Let me know what you think and possibly what you think would fit well with the blue. I'm thinking that the higher in the hierarchy the Necron is I will include more blue as a scheme, what do you think?

At the moment I have three ideas:

1. Go all white/bone with the blue
2. Go with this scheme with progressively more blue added to the models through the hierarchy
3.Go with the black but make some adjustments such as more highlights or adding more blue to it

Any ideas you have please throw them my way.


Warflake Out.

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  1. I like the grey, and I particularly like the idea of adding more blue as Necrons are higher ranked. The grey shows the detail of the model much better than the black, and is a neutral color to show off the blue. I think progressively adding more blue will give you some really cool looking models, as well as making the characters and elites stand out.

  2. Yeah I really think it works for them, thanks for the comment and I'm really glad you like it.

  3. Yes, I agree with all Codicier said, this second one is better. adding more and more blue up the ranks is just like adding more and more gold on silver 'crons, it works well.

  4. I like the scheme but i change the blue for green. And the painting job need a bit more work, esencialy paint more clean.




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