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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Necron Warrior Test Model

So this is a quick test model  I just knocked up as a little break from painting yellow vehicles. Went with a little different to what I thought I would do but just went with something I thought would work.

Let me know what you think of it, it was a really nice break from painting bright yellow. It needs tidying up but it was just a quick mock up to see what you think and what I think. I like it but also fairly critical as everyone is so I'm no judge haha. Maybe you like the scheme but maybe something needs to be added? Maybe change something? Aslong as it is within my ability I will give it a go.

Much appreciated.

Warflake Out.

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  1. I like the blue, but the rest of the model is soo dark you lose all the detail in it. I would maybe dry brush the pure black parts of it to add highlights and some detail maybe.

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  3. It's interesting, they truly look 'cold', and mysteriously so...I would keep experimenting with it, perhaps do a 'Destroyer' or another unit type, just to see how well the idea holds up.

  4. Yeah I thought so, maybe change the all black parts, other ideas I've had to go with the blue as the main colour are white, to give it a kind of ice look or going with the regular silver but really darken it down. I'm not really sure what else would go with the blue, possibly a copper/dirty gold. The black could work I think I just need to replace most of the black with silver possibly or as you say dry brush as it does look flat.

  5. The blue on the gun looks great, although I don't think the glow works on the eyes, I would just go for blue dots in the eyes itself. I think the black needs some highlighting like Drkmoral said, or how about a silver basecoat and then dry brushing it over black, a sort of negative look to the normal Necrons?

  6. Thanks for your input, I may have to try that silver basecoat idea, may work thanks.

  7. I like the blue on the gun and the general shade of blue that you are using. I think the black works fine with the blue, but I think you need less black. Right now, it dominates the model and it just looks kind of boring (a common problem for Necrons in my opinion). I would make more areas blue. At least the torso and shoulders, and maybe some of the other large armor plates.

  8. I like the idea thanks very much. I'm probably gonna try that. I know what you mean about it being boring. With the Warriors though I want something that is fairly simple to knock out alot of but still looks better than drybrush silver.




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