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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Which Necron Colour Scheme Do You Think?

Hey people, haven't been around because been super busy recently with Xmas and New Years etc.

Hope you enjoyed both by the way.

Speaking of Xmas, I got myself a few 40k bits. I'll go into what I got for my Space Marines at a later time but for now I'd like to touch on Necrons.

Got myself a box of Warriors, Immortals and a Command Barge to paint up but before I do I would like some inspiration on what to paint them straying from the usual silver and green.

I have bought this up before where I was fairly certain that I would stick with the Thokt Dynasty with the black and blue scheme. I still like this but I thought that maybe you guys might have some good ideas. I read all of your blogs and I see the creativity and I would love your assistance.

Maybe you prefer the classic boltgun metal? Maybe instead of blue you like red? Maybe I could do blue and white as sort of a ice theme?

All comments will result in a poll to determine what I go for. If I don't get anything back I know to stick with the Thokt Dynasty.


Warflake Out


  1. For me, Necrons have to be some sort of Silver, doesn't matter if it's shinny or old and rusty, but silver it is! Have to admit thought, black/green vehicles are cool

  2. I've used black on the shoulder pads of my Immortals and blue for the tesla weapons through out the army, the bodies are chainmail silver. It's a nice combination I think, blue and black that is. Rest of my Necrons are simple, chainmail with green in places, the original colour scheme.

  3. Yeah I think they fit together quite well. I think if I were to do it black and blue I would only include black in everything other than my Warriors which I shall paint a very dark metal.

  4. Double wash or badab black or devlan mud really darks down metal colours, I used double devlan mud over my 'Crons atm.

    Subject: [the40kn00bblognetwork] Re: The 40k n00b: Warhammer 40k Blog Network: What Necron Colours Do You Think?

  5. (1) Necrons are 'Sanguinary Guard' gold with green eyes and, for warriors, green lightning painted onto the gauss barrels.
    (2) Elite Necrons such as praetorians will get 'Ultramarine' blue heads. Lords and Overlords have blue shoulders too, and dark, almost black, blue capes.
    (3) Vehicles remain black, or almost black dark blue, with the green glow.

    That's the basics. I'm still thinking and plotting. Feel free to disagree.




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